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Welcome to

Get EU Driving Licence or EU ID card simply by registering abroad.. THE site of the document tourist!

Register yourself in a new E.U.

foreign country and get a fresh start!


Whatever you call it, drivers license, driving licence, driving license, etc, etc...



Get EU and then swap to UK, US, Canadian, Australian or other!


Are you going to be disqualified? Medical renewal coming up? Have you failed your test because of nerves on the day? Have you been convicted of traffic offences where the judge has unfairly taken your licence away? Have you reached the age when you have to retake your test? Do you want to have more categories on your licence? Ride a motorcycle for example or become a truck driver? Get a EU driving licence from as little as 349 Euro, in 3 weeks you will have the document but you can start driving in 7 days as soon as we email you the copy of the confirmation from the foreign government that the new CLEAN licence is being prepared.

There is a short time left before the driving licence tourism loophole will be shut down. Now is the time for you to get your foreign licence that will last for ten years, and then has to be renewed...


Belgian driving licence


Czech Republic driving licence

Czech Republic

Danish driving licence


German driving licence


Estonian driving licence


Greek driving licence


Spanish driving licence


French driving licence


Irish driving licence


Italian driving licence


Cypriot driving licence


Latvian driving licence


Lithuanian driving licence


Luxembourg driving licence


Hungarian driving licence


Maltese driving licence


Dutch driving licence


Austrian driving licence


Polish driving licence


Portugese driving licence


Slovenian driving licence


Slovakian driving licence


Finnish driving licence


Swedish driving licence


British driving licence

United Kingdom

Icelandic driving licence


Liechtenstein driving licence


Norwegian driving licence



This service is for any resident or non-resident of the U.K or E.U. to obtain a full driving licence without any tests. So no matter what country you are resident or citizen of, we can help. Even if you live outside of the U.K or E.U! Once you have a driving licence through us, you can exchange it in your OWN country for a local licence or just use it without exchange. E.U. driving licences are accepted 'as is' worldwide for driving and exchange. It does not matter what nationality you are!


Have you lost your existing licence? No problem! Can't remember the details? No problem! Need a clean licence? No problem! Need motorcycle, car, bus, hgv entitlement? No problem! Over 65? No problem! Medical problems? No problem!


There are 110 different models of driving licence in current use throughout the E.U, that's not to mention driving licences issued outside of the E.U that are still accepted for exchange in different E.U countries.


There's TWO ways to obtain a European Union driving licence. First way is to exchange your current driving licence, you complete our application form and we print it out and translate some of your driving licence and translate the application form, put it all together and apply for an E.U. licence. This is a way to obtain driving categories that you select on the application form as the foreign issuing authority will look at the translation and not the licence.

The second way is to make a declaration that your licence has been lost/mislaid/stolen in a certain country that we know about. No other proof that you have even passed a test is required, just your sworn declaration. They will issue you with a temporary driving licence which we can then get translated and exchanged for an E.U. licence. SNEAKY? Yes, but Illegal? We have been advised NO.


Some countries driving licence departments wont talk to other E.U. countries, so nobody bothers to check if the licence you present for exchange is even REAL or not, it could be a 20 dollar fake driving licence card and no one knows or even cares.


Driving endorsements are totally lost once you exchange your licence with another country, giving you a clean licence.


It is your legal right to hold any member country E.U driving licence, preferably you should be driving on a licence that was issued in a different E.U country to the country you are resident and driving in for a number of reasons. The number one reason is of course so that it becomes a lot more difficult for the authorities to make a permanent record on your driving licence and driving history should you be prosecuted for driving offences. Forget the headache of being disqualified from totting up points on your licence or increasing insurance premiums! The second reason is that it is more economical to hold a licence from another country. Replacement charges for lost documents are a fraction of the UK DVLA price to issue a new replacement licence.

Welcome to our new and exciting website where you can LEGALLY obtain Genuine European drivers licences from a European country of your choice. THESE ARE NOT FAKES - we help you obtain the licence from the relevant government department in any one of the countries we operate in.

Thanks to the new European community exchange rules we are now able to offer you genuine European drivers licences* (see disclaimer) Citizens of countries listed on the
FAQ page are able to participate.


The process is very simple with our help! You simply choose the entitlements that you wish to have and then complete the online application form. You then scan in a passport type photo and email it to us at the address provided. We will then apply on your behalf and forward the licence to your contact address or you may elect to collect the licence directly from the issuing office abroad - we can arrange return flights to Eastern Europe from as little as £30 with EasyJet or Wizz Air airlines. see FAQ for further details.


Don't waste your time with fakes or IDL's that are useless! Play the EU document tourism game, everything is possible! If you need a back doors to the system, these are wide open, especially in eastern europe where the new EU rules are often misinterpreted by "town hall" office clerks who are responsible for exchanging driving licences and issuing new documents!


Example E.U. licence edited to protect applicants identity

HU Licence front:

Licence back:

Counterpart front:

Counterpart centre:

DE Licence front:

Licence back:

Payment can be made in a number of ways and details are on the order page.























What gets lost in translation?

Penalty Points - the foreign issuing authority usually have great difficulty matching up the UK penalty point system with their own system which results in 10 out of 10 licences coming back clean and point free


What would YOU do right now if your license was revoked?
How would you SURVIVE?

It's more than just inconvenient. The impact is enormous. You'd lose your job, or revert to the dreads of public transport. You'd lose your social life. You'd lose income and social standing. You'd lose almost everything. And it could all happen just by being caught going at 90 MPH on an empty motorway! So take your licence out of the UK jurisdiction and get an E.U. licence that's valid all over the world!

Quite often, the name comes back in opposite form i.e. your surname and forenames will be backwards on the licence, we will explain to them that in the UK the surname comes last if you request it.

We are happy to answer any questions by email. The licence process time is currently approximately 21 days.